Habitat Gardens

Habitat Gardens Did you know your garden at home can also be home to wildlife? This activity creates awareness of the interconnection of soils, plants and animals. We work towards encouraging students to create habitat gardens at their homes or in the school or group grounds when they return home. We also have resources available

Wildlife Detective

Wildlife Detectives

Wildlife Detectives These activities are always popular! Learn about our local wildlife, their habitat values, the jobs they play in our environment, how you can protect them and how you can provide habitat for them at home and at school.

Dune Action

Dune Action This is a great activity for inquiry‐based learning. Explore the fragile and beautiful dune systems on the Barwon Coast. The Dune Action Program creates awareness of the fragility of the coast, the important role of native plants, habitat values and personal actions you can undertake to care for them. The program is restricted