A Long Tradition of Holiday Makers

When you holiday with us at the Riverview Family Caravan Park you are joining a long tradition of holiday makers enjoying the experience of camping in our stunning location on the Ocean Grove Spit. We have a rich and interesting history, including being an area of major importance for Aboriginal people prior to European settlement. Camping at Ocean Grove has been popular from the late 1880s. There is a history of people camping all along the Ocean Grove spit, including the current location of the RiverView Family Caravan Park. The Riverview Family Caravan Park was developed in the late 1960s and 1970s.

 The modern conveniences offered at our park were in keeping with advancements in camping at the time and enabled a balance between conservation and camping on The Spit. The Riverview Family Caravan Park has played host to thousands of campers during its history and this proud tradition of welcoming travelers from near and far for an easy coastal holiday in the friendly town of Ocean Grove continues today. Book Now to create your own family memories in our coastal Victorian getaway. Photos with thanks to the Martin Klabbers collection and State Library of Victoria.

1880. Camping on the Barwon Heads side of the Barwon River.

1919. Passengers being punted across the Barwon River Estuary between Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads before the bridge was built.

1920s Boat Shed. A party at one of the many boat sheds which used to line the Barwon River foreshore in Barwon Heads.